another headline

Mellan jobb och vardag har jag på senaste tiden också hunnit träffat tjejerna, druckit vin på satin, redigerat massa gopro videor från asienresan, jobbat för pappas företag, skrivit på hyreskontrakt till jönköping, hälsat på mormor och varit ute i solen. Känns som att jag fick ta igen lite av sommaren som jag tyckte jag hade missat nu de senaste dagarna. Känns bra.
 Between work and the everyday life lately I've also had time to meet my girls, drunk wine with friends, editing gopro videos from the asia-trip, worked for my dad's company, found housing in Jönköping, visited grandma, and hung out in the sun. It feels good to embrace the summer a little bit more than I feel like I have up until now.

work hard play hard

I really haven't thought much about the blog lately which probably has been shown. Mostly I've just been working, sleeping, eating, looking for apartments in Jönköping (where I got accepted to university) and hanging out with friends on my free time. I feel like I'm missing the summer and time is moving so quickly. I don't have any pictures to show from the last few weeks since I stupidly enough dropped my phone in the toilet yesterday.
I'll try to remember to take more pictures and update the blog a little bit more frequently from now on!

summer days

Since I came home from Asia my blog updates haven't been very good. I'll probably be a little lazy with it during the summer now, it's not much to update anyway.
Since midsummer I've visited Johanna in Uppsala, hung out with friends, got myself a job and other fun stuff. Pictures will show!