Back in Thailand!

We are back in Thailand - our final destination before going back to Sweden! After sitting on a bus all day  from Cambodia to Bangkok yesterday we decided to stay one night in Bangkok before continuing up to Chiang Mai where we are now. The night bus to chiang mai was not the best and we didn't sleep much on the 11 hour long journey. Instead we slept in the hostel we checked in to once we got to Chiang Mai at 6.00 am today. The rest of the day was spent exploring the old city and trying out different restaurants and cafès. 

Right now we just came home from a bar/nightclub which our roommate (we live in a dorm) recommended us to go to. We also booked a tour for tomorrow where we're going to take care of elephants. That's actually the reason we came here, because of the elephant sanctuary tour. Pictures from that will definitely come up soon!