Hoi an - shopping mecca

Three days were spent in Hoi an and I am so in love with that city now. Both me and Louise became a little crazy about the shopping in Hoi an because it was so incredibly good! We both have had clothes sewed up by tailors and we also bought a lot of souvenirs (nice ones). 
I made a set of shorts + top, a long black jumpsuit and a long sleeved dress. Really happy with it!

Besides shopping, Hoi an had so much good food and a lot of markets. Yesterday we bought a bunch of fruit for lunch and had cheap Vietnamese food for dinner, both from food markets. Another market we visited and absolutely loved was the night market. It was so cozy to walk around in when the colorful lights and lanterns lit up the place.

We also visited the beach one day. It was only a 4 km bike ride so we rented bicycles and biked there. I think we spent not more than two hours tanning on the beach but somehow I got extremely sunburnt anyway - after two months in Asia! How is it possible?

Anyway, last night we took a night bus from Hoi an and now we are in Nha Trang. We will stay here only one night since we only have a few more days here and many places to visit.