Nha Trang

To summarize Nha Trang: beach, fancy hotels and Russians. That's at least what we thought after one day spent here. Not really a city I would come back to actually. But the beach was nice.

It was cloudy almost all day yesterday but since we both got sunburnt just the other day we were happy about the weather. It was still 36 degrees in the shade..
After the beach we went to a shopping mall and mainly spent out time in the supermarket in there. It's so interesting to see the food and stuff that each country has in the big stores. 
Then we had an amazing pizza for lunch and left the shopping mall to visit a street market. I bought some more souvenirs at the market and after that we took a taxi back to our hostel. From 6pm-7pm they gave out free beer at the hostel so we took advantage of that and spent the night in the lobby drinking beer and planning the rest of our trip.

Today we are taking a bus to Da Lat. We're going to stay two nights there!