Zip lining

Our last day in el Nido was spent on the beach in las cabanas where we also has the chance to try zip lining. We had to walk up a steep hill and when we finally reached the top I was pretty nervous about he height. Once we were in the air  the fear disappeared though. It was such a nice feeling flying over the ocean.

We caught the most beautiful sunset from a bar in Corong Corong later in the evening and then ended our day with some souvenir shopping in el Nido town.

Now we are in Cebu again (we flew from Palawan this afternoon) and we're spending one night here before flying to our next destination, Vietnam!

Beaches & bars

These pictures represents what we've done in el Nido very well. Beaches and food and hanging out. All the beaches here are so beautiful, and the ocean is probably at least 30 degrees warm. 

We visited the twin beaches (Nacpan beach) two days ago and yesterday Louise and Richard went diving while me and Martin went to Las Cabanas beach (he doesn't dive and I can't because of my rash). Every night we've all had dinner together and listened to live bands. Now all the swedes have left though, so it's just louise and me left. We have another day here in el Nido before flying back to Cebu. From Cebu we're flying to Vietnam on Tuesday!

Island hopping - El Nido

For my English speaking friends: I will from now on - until the journey ends - write in English on my blog. I know that all you swedes will understand well enough anyway :)

So let's start with a short update of what's happened the last few days.
Since we arrived on Palawan (the island) we have spend most of our time with our Swedish friends that we had decided to reunite with here in El Nido. We've had so much fun with them all, and we will definitely miss them when they leave. Anyway, besides that Lollo and I also went Island Hopping. These pictures are from that day. I think I've never in my life seen anything as beautiful actually. It was an amazing day with superb snorkeling, food and views.

Since then we have also danced in night clubs, rented motorbikes, relaxed on the beach and visited the doctor (me again, of course). I got some sort of blisters/rash on my arms and now I'm on antibiotics and can't be in the ocean nor drink alcohol for 10 days. Yay.

Again, more pictures will appear on the blog soon. The wifi and electricity sucks here though, so I will update when I can.

I realize this blog post became a very long one. Sorry about that!