Day 97

Today is the 97th day on our trip and we're getting extremely close to our hometrip now. I have mixed emotions about it and I'll probably write a longer blog post about it once I'm home.

For now we're just enjoying Bangkok and living more luxurious than we have before. Luxury for us means shopping, spa treatments, staying at a hotel with pool and partying. I got myself a new tattoo as well and couldn't be happier about the result!

Chiang Mai

On our last day in Chiang Mai today we decided to visit the zoo. The animals seemed to be happy and most of them had a lot of space, but after seeing the elephants yesterday we felt a little sorry for the ones caged in the zoo still.. 

It's been a really hot day today and therefore we have also been taking it easy and relaxed in a park and at different restaurants. In a few hours our nightbus to Bangkok leaves and we're looking forward to go back to the big city!

Elephant sanctuary

Today was more than amazing. Visiting happy elephants, play with them, feed them and bathe them was one of the coolest experiences I've had. Elephants are so incredibly big and magestic and just being around them made me feel so happy. 

Both me and Louise have been wanting to visit elephants ever since we came to Asia but we definitely didn't want to do regular tourist-riding where the elephants get hurt and are treated badly. Therefore we booked this tour for today which included visiting an elephant sanctuary where the elephants are really well taken care of and where we could help feed and bathe them.

I think the pictures show how happy we were today.