Ho chi minh



I've tried to upload this blog post I don't know how many times now, and I'm tired of re-writing again so I'll just upload the pictures from the last two days in Vietnam instead.

Right now we have just arrived safe and secure in Cambodia!

Sand dunes

Yesterday we arrived with a bus in Mui Ne at 12pm and booked a tour right away which we went on one out later. The tour included a visit to the Fairystream, The fishing village, White sand dunes and red sand dunes.
The first two stops were okay, nothing special. But the last two was definitely worth the money. The white sand dunes were really amazing and the red sand dunes was the place to be at sunset. So beautiful! The only reason we went to Mui Ne was to do this tour and visit the sand dunes so we were definitely satisfied with it.

Later in the evening we hung out with some people at our hostel and played table tennis and pool before going to a bar. Really great day!

Our last stop in Vietnam is Ho Chi Minh, where we are right now ( just arrived). In two days we will take a bus to Cambodia but before that we have a full schedule for the last days in Vietnam. I will update on the blog as the days goes!

Đà Lạt

Da lat is such a cute little city which reminds a lot of the european cities. We were actually wearing sweatshirt and long pants while being here, since it's a lot colder than in the rest of the country.
We spent two night and two days in Da Lat, although one of those days was when we did the canyoning trip which took almost all day to do. The city is small so we had time to see everything we wanted to see anyway though. 

Instead of explaining what we've done I'll just let you figure it out yourself from the photos above.