A bit of this and that

Hello my friends! I haven't been taking a lot of photos lately so I probably won't remember everything that has happened lately but I'll do my best to remember anyway!
I can start by saying that I went to Örebro last weekend. I took the bus + train from Jönköping on friday and came back on monday after a weekend full of food, relaxing and socializing with friends and family. I honestly started missing Jönköping after a few days already. I take that as a good sign, it means that I definitely like it here.
Since then I've hung out a lot with people from the class, I've had dance classes (I'm a part of the school musical as a dancer), tried free yoga classes, had photoshoots in the school studio, studied (mostly drawing in illustrator) and enjoyed the party life as well. Last week I was a part of so called "Food Safari" which was orginized by the student union where the idea is that you cook food for other students and also gets invited to eat food at other student's places. It was pretty awesome and really interesting getting to try different kinds of food and also getting to know more people. After the food safari I went back to my house with some friends since my housemates were having a party in it. Lots of fun! Yesterday we had another house party, though me and my friends mostly just met up to play games and socialize!
Tomorrow I'm getting picked up by my family after class because we're going to Göteborg to see the Kent Concert! Really excited! We'll be staying at my uncles place in Göteborg until Saturday.