Swedish Midsummer

As swedish as it can be. Love this holiday.


I guess I should have uploaded this post two days ago.. but anyway - we are back in Sweden!
We came home one day earlier than we had told our parents to surprise them which we succeeded with. The only problem was that Emma and Camilla, our friends, were planning to surprise us as well by picking us up at the airport.. Those two plans sadly didn't work out together but at least they were able to pick us up from the bus station in Örebro. Such a sweet thought though!
Right now being back in Sweden feels good. Better than expected actually!
And I'm excited about Midsommar..

Day 97

Today is the 97th day on our trip and we're getting extremely close to our hometrip now. I have mixed emotions about it and I'll probably write a longer blog post about it once I'm home.

For now we're just enjoying Bangkok and living more luxurious than we have before. Luxury for us means shopping, spa treatments, staying at a hotel with pool and partying. I got myself a new tattoo as well and couldn't be happier about the result!