Off I go

Det är dags! Resan till Singapore har börjat och jag är extremt taggad men lika mycket nervös också. Tanken på att landa i ett nytt land helt själv är lite skrämmande men i och med att jag klarat det bra förr så borde det ju inte vara några problem denna gång heller. Flygresan kommer att ta totalt 18 timmar om jag minns rätt, med en mellanlandning i Doha. Allt som allt kommer hela resan ta mer än 24 timmar vilket är rätt segt men oh well.
När jag kommer fram till Singapore är klockan 09.05 på onsdagmorgon och jag har planerat att ta en taxi direkt till campus där jag ska checka in till mitt boende. Jag kommer att bo i ett singelrum i ett större lägenhetskomplex (utan AC) som ligger på campusområdet. 
Nu ska jag ta mig bort mot min gate på Arlanda, ciao!
It's time! The journey to Singapore has started and I'm extremely excited but also really nervous. The thought of landing in a new country by myself is a bit scary, but since I've done it before I guess I'll be able to do it again. The flights will take a total of 18 hours if I remember correctly, with a stop in Doha. All in all, the trip will take more than 24 hours which is a bit annoying but oh well. When I arrive in Singapore it'll be wednesday morning, 9.05 am and I'm planning to grab a taxi to the campus area right away so that I can check into my housing. I'll be living in a single room in a bigger apartment building (without AC) located on campus.
Now it's time for me to go to my gate at Arlanda, ciao!

Day 97

Today is the 97th day on our trip and we're getting extremely close to our hometrip now. I have mixed emotions about it and I'll probably write a longer blog post about it once I'm home.

For now we're just enjoying Bangkok and living more luxurious than we have before. Luxury for us means shopping, spa treatments, staying at a hotel with pool and partying. I got myself a new tattoo as well and couldn't be happier about the result!

Chiang Mai

On our last day in Chiang Mai today we decided to visit the zoo. The animals seemed to be happy and most of them had a lot of space, but after seeing the elephants yesterday we felt a little sorry for the ones caged in the zoo still.. 

It's been a really hot day today and therefore we have also been taking it easy and relaxed in a park and at different restaurants. In a few hours our nightbus to Bangkok leaves and we're looking forward to go back to the big city!