Angkor Wat

Yesterday we visited the famous Angkor Temples where we spent about 6 hours in total. The most famous one, Angkor Wat, was the one we started with as early as 05.00 to be able to see the sunrise over the temple. Unfortunately it was pretty cloudy so we didn't see much of the sun until it was higher up in the sky.. It was still worth waking up early though, since the temperature was really nice compared to later in the day where it got extremely hot. 
We did the so called 'small circle' and hired a tuk tuk driver to take us around to the different temples, where he waited around for us until we were done and wanted to continue to the next temple. At 11:00 we were done with the circle and couldn't wait to get back to the hostel and jump into the pool. We paid the tuk tuk driver $15 and gave him a pineapple and an extra dollar in tip which he really appreciated.

The most impressive temple was definitely Angkor Wat. Besides that all the temples were pretty much the same to us (two girls not too interested in temples). It was definitely an interesting and fun day though, and I was more impressed by the temples than I thought I would be!

The rest of the day was spent in the pool with loud music playing and later in the evening in the sky bar. All in all this was probably the best day in Cambodia.

Bokor National Park

The top three pictures were taken in Kampot city yesterday after our little tuk tuk tour. The little girl holding Louise's leg was irresistibly cute but also extremely stubborn. Louise had to give her a little money before she would let go. There are so many children begging for money in Asia and its always as hard to ignore..

Today we went on another tour, this one to Bokor National Park. Our expectations were that we would hike in the forest and see the jungle, but the trip was nothing like that. It was more of a historical tour through the mountains with stops at different places where we could walk through old buildings which got destroyed during the war. In the end we got to see a really beautiful waterfall at least, so it was a good tour all in all!


Earlier this morning we took a bus from Sihanoukville to Kampot city. The Kampot pepper is very famous, one of the best peppers in the world and we wanted to visit the plantation. And so we did! We got ourself a privat tuk tuk driver who took us to salt plantations, a fishing village, a big cave and also the pepper plantations. We tried the pepper but couldn't really tell if it was good or not - it's not very often you eat only peppercorns..
Interesting day anyway, and tomorrow we'll be visiting a national park here in Kampot before taking a nightbus to Siem Riep.