We arrived at the airport in Hanoi at  01:30 AM last night and have since then experienced a lot of things, both good and bad. The first thing that happened was that we got scammed by the taxi driver that took us to our hostel. By scammed I mean he tried to overcharge us A LOT. We ended up giving him less than half of what he demanded after a long debate. Second thing that happened was that our hostel was closed. We had no idea what to do and it started getting a little scary. Finally, after knocking on some doors a guy came to open up for us and we checked in to our room and fell asleep.

Today some old ladies selling pineapple succeeded to fool us too. They gave us their pineapple-sticks and their hats and made us buy expensive pineapple from them. At least the pineapple was good.
Besides that we haven't had any other bad things happening to us today. We went around the old town, tried not to get killed by the drivers, went shopping and we also took a bus to the cinema to see Captain America. Now we're exhausted and need to rest before going on a two-day trip to Halong Bay tomorrow!